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United Evangelical Mission




Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



Project Size


Project Cost

USD 1,600,000

Baraka Sikawa l Sune Mushendwa l Ndesi Chamba l Devina Nagewadia


United Evangelical Mission



Concept Design

The creation of an 'urban oasis'.


In the middle of the busy city of Dar es Salaam, UEM will have a tranquil but energizing working space that is fully integrated into nature without having a negative impact on the environment.

Humans are hard-wired to respond positively to nature; the smells of fresh rain on soil, the healing characteristics of plants and the color green, and the calming effect of the ocean. We have therefore proudly copied the good from nature and brought it into the built environment.

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The United Evangelical Mission (UEM) have a piece of land in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam that they plan to develop into their new home; UEM have a vision to transform the land into a vibrant place where the dynamics of the international UEM can unfold. A place that is calm, green and sustainably designed. An oasis. The old trees should be preserved and new trees planted wherever possible. The campus shall be designed with sustainability and the lowest possible energy consumption in mind.

The planned construction is as follows:

  1. Office

  2. Renovation of old church building

  3. Guest apartments

  4. Museum and archives (future development)

  5. Parking and garage

  6. Restaurant and café

  7. Residential buildings

  8. Rental shops (future development)

The main functions are positioned for optimal accessibility, security, privacy and views. The modular design allows changes to be made to a single module without affecting the rest of the structure. This also gives flexibility to adjust the building size to fit a fixed construction budget.

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Plants and trees: The site has trees existing along the site boundary at irregular intervals and mainly concentrated south of the road that crosses the plot.

Site neighbors: The site has commercial buildings on all sides, with encroachment on the western part of the plot blocking the view and access to the beach and a number of commercial buildings within the site plot boundaries.

Soil erosion: Along the western edge, erosion has occurred due to stormwater and human activities.


The materials selected for the project reinforce the notion of sustainability in the building. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production, conserves resources, and reduces waste by using recycled materials. The materials are durable and have good insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency and improved indoor quality. The following are the materials we proposed to use throughout the project:

  • Green roof

  • Recycled plastic planks

  • Triple glazed UV reflective glass

  • Locally sourced timber

  • Locally manufactured concrete

  • Upcycled steel

  • Natural vegetation

  • Recycled steel

  • Living pavers

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UEM office is designed for 3 executive offices, office pool for 15 people and a conference room. The offices have a flexible plan design, well-lit space, accessibility to green spaces and an ocean view.

Guest & Residential apartments: 

Residential apartments are designed for staff and guests for UEM Africa region offices. The units can also be rented out for income generation.

Restaurant & Café:

An open plan design restaurant that can serve UEM staff, guests, as well as the surrounding community with the Dar es Salaam city skyline view and rooftop green garden. 

Parking garage:

A parking space designed for 30+ vehicles used by Kigamboni area population that is both green and sustainable.

Commercial shops: 

Commercial shops and outlet building designed to be positioned separately from other functions to allow for different phase construction.

Old church building: 

Consideration for the historical significance of the old church building to UEM, the community and church masses and services.

Archive museum:

A space/building to be designed for a small archive museum for documents (church/historical importance) to be accessible to the public and for research purposes. 


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The Approach To Sustainability

Natural shading and temperature reduction

UEM design concept_page-0029.jpg

Wind control

UEM design concept_page-0032.jpg

Humidity control and improved air quality

UEM design concept_page-0031.jpg

Triple glazed windows with reflective UV film

UEM design concept_page-0030.jpg

Natural Ventilation

UEM design concept_page-0033.jpg

Noise control

UEM design concept_page-0034.jpg

Solar power

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Rainwater recycling

UEM design concept_page-0036.jpg

Greywater recycling

UEM design concept_page-0037.jpg

Plastic & natural waste recycling

UEM design concept_page-0038.jpg
UEM design concept_page-0039.jpg

Hollow core natural cooling system

UEM design concept_page-0040.jpg

Natural geotextile to stop erosion

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