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Duba Residence




Abuja, Nigeria



Project Size

1,023 sqm

Project Cost

USD 511,000

Baraka Sikawa


Mohammed & Maryam Duba




This stunning mansion, built by the environmentally conscious Duba family, showcases the perfect fusion of elegance and eco-friendliness, offering a truly exceptional living experience.

Introducing Duba Residence, an architectural masterpiece that harmoniously blends Mediterranean inspiration with sustainable design principles.

From the moment you set foot on the property, you'll be captivated by the commitment to sustainability and natural materials. The exterior of the house is adorned with exquisite stone cladding, providing both a timeless aesthetic and a durable, eco-friendly solution. Carefully selected, these natural materials not only lend a touch of charm but also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

As you step inside the house, you'll be greeted by a grand double-volume foyer, adorned with vaulted ceilings and an inviting atmosphere. The double staircases leading to the first floor serve as a testament to the attention to detail and architectural beauty that permeate every corner of this remarkable home.

The ground floor of Duba House is designed with both functionality and sustainability in mind. Two spacious kitchens, equipped with modern appliances, promote efficient and sustainable cooking practices. A dry store and cold store ensure minimal food waste and optimal storage conditions. The living rooms and formal dining area offer ample space for entertaining guests while maintaining an intimate ambiance.


For moments of relaxation and entertainment, a state-of-the-art cinema theatre awaits. Whether you're enjoying a movie night with loved ones or hosting a private screening, this dedicated space is designed to provide a memorable audiovisual experience.

Sustainability extends to the bedroom quarters as well. The ensuite guestroom, complete with its own verandah, showcases the thoughtful incorporation of eco-friendly features. A jacuzzi in the bathroom provides a luxurious touch while being mindful of water conservation.

Moving to the upper level, the first floor reveals a family room and a home gym, catering to the needs of an active and health-conscious lifestyle. Four large ensuite bedrooms, each with walk-in closets, ensure spacious comfort for family members and guests alike.

The crowning jewel of Duba Residence is the magnificent master bedroom. Boasting a walk-in closet and a lavishly appointed bathroom with double vanities, a shower, and a jacuzzi, this retreat is a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence.

At every turn, Duba Residence seamlessly integrates sustainable design elements, showcasing that luxury and eco-consciousness can coexist. The use of natural materials, energy-efficient systems, and water-saving features throughout the property demonstrates a commitment to reducing the ecological impact while providing an exceptional living environment.

Discover Duba Residence, where sustainability meets architectural grandeur, and experience a home that embraces nature, luxury, and eco-friendly living in perfect harmony.

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