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Art Room




Moshi, Tanzania



Project Size


Project Cost

USD 275,000

Baraka Sikawa l Sune Mushendwa


United World College East Africa




The design of the art room, laboratories, and classrooms at UWCEA Moshi reflects the school's commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and academic excellence.

UWCEA Moshi is a renowned educational institution committed to providing a holistic learning experience for its students. As part of our design work, we had the opportunity to create an inspiring environment for the art room, two laboratories, and three classrooms at the school.

Due to space constraints, the classrooms and laboratories are discreetly nestled behind existing buildings. However, the art room is intentionally positioned prominently at the front as a statement, showcasing the importance of art and exhibitions within the school community. This design choice emphasizes the significance of creativity and artistic expression.

The art room is elevated by a floor, creating a raised platform that serves as a passage to the classrooms and laboratories located in a separate building. A graceful walkway or bridge connects these spaces, symbolizing the connection between creativity and academic pursuits.

To showcase the students' artwork and projects, the front of the art room features a large glass window. This window acts as a canvas for displaying art, allowing passersby to glimpse into the vibrant world of creativity happening within. This not only celebrates the artistic achievements of the students but also serves as an inspiration and source of pride for the entire school community.


Additionally, the art room offers an accessible rooftop area where students can further explore their creativity. This rooftop space provides an open and flexible environment for artistic endeavors, encouraging students to work in different settings and engage with their surroundings.

The exterior of the art room is adorned with bright colors, creating a visually stimulating façade that reflects the energy and vibrancy of the creative process. These colors aim to foster a positive and inspiring atmosphere, encouraging students to embrace their imaginations and explore their artistic talents.

By providing dedicated spaces for artistic expression, scientific exploration, and collaborative learning, the design contributes to a well-rounded educational experience that empowers students to excel in various domains.

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