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Reginald Dalut l Beatrice Loishiye l Sune Mushendwa l Alexis Cronin


Tales Of Africa



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Introducing Tales of Africa: A Harmonious Wilderness Retreat.

Welcome to a captivating fusion of nature and architecture, where the rhythms of the wild and the artistry of design converge – Tales of Africa. Nestled amidst the untamed beauty of Karatu, Tanzania, and nestled on the fringes of the legendary Ngorongoro Conservation Area, this remarkable lodge emerges from the heart of a thriving coffee farm. Triple A Architects Ltd. proudly presents a project that embraces the essence of Africa's soul and creates an unparalleled sensory experience.

Location: A Gateway to the Wild

Perched on a sun-kissed hill, Tales of Africa boasts an exquisite vantage point that overlooks the sweeping landscapes of the Ngorongoro Crater to the North, while embracing the tranquil majesty of a sprawling 600-acre farm to the South. A harmonious coexistence with nature unfolds as the lodge shares its space with the region's native inhabitants – elephants, baboons, buffalo, and even the elusive leopard.

Design: Where Architecture Meets Nature

The heartbeat of Tales of Africa resonates within its triangular main building. A symphony of angles, it invites you to embrace the views it commands. Each of its arms reaches out to a specific panorama – an invitation to gaze upon nature's spectacle. This architectural marvel houses the kitchen, dining area, lounge, and inviting viewing decks, fostering a seamless connection between indoor luxury and outdoor grandeur.

Infinity and Beyond: The Pool of Dreams

Indulge your senses in the breathtaking allure of an infinity pool that defies convention. Split into two tiers, this aquatic masterpiece crowns a ridge that surveys a pristine natural pool, its crystal-clear waters nourished by a stream that winds down from the Ngorongoro highlands. As you immerse yourself in the cool embrace of the water, your senses will be awoken by the symphony of nature's melody, orchestrated by the surrounding wilderness.

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Serenity and Sanctuary: The Spa Experience

For those seeking the epitome of serenity and exclusivity, our spa retreat beckons. Nestled beside the natural pool, this oasis of tranquility offers three private spa rooms that cocoon you in luxury. As you recline and rejuvenate, your gaze will dance upon a salt-lick within the lush embrace of the neighboring Ngorongoro forest, an ever-changing theater of wild encounters.

A Room with a Panoramic Tale: Unveiling the Accommodations

The story continues within each of our uniquely designed rooms, where panoramic narratives are etched into the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Behold the spectacle of nature from the comfort of your personal sanctuary, where Africa's dramatic landscapes blend seamlessly with your abode. As you step onto your balcony or verandah, a private bathtub awaits, inviting you to partake in a bath of unparalleled opulence while feasting your eyes upon nature's unfolding drama.

Embark on Your Own Tale of Africa

Tales of Africa by Triple A Architects Ltd. invites you to embark on a journey of immersion, wonder, and timeless connection with the untamed African wilderness. It is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of human ingenuity and nature's splendor, an architectural masterpiece that beckons you to be a part of its story.

Join us as we weave the narrative of Tales of Africa, where architecture, wildlife, and luxury converge to create an unforgettable symphony of sensory delight.

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