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Arusha Airport Hub




Arusha, Tanzania



Project Size


Shedrack Mwanga l Sune Mushendwa l Beatrice Loishiye


Alex Rechsteiner



Concept Design

A One Stop Shop.

To start with, and as the foundation of the larger project, the initial business would be a Resort (combo Motel/Hotel/Offices/Suites). In subsequent phases other facilities will be added to expand the letting business; all supplementing or supporting the business of a Resort and packed into a "one stop shop" deemed as the Arusha Airport Hub.

A large greenery shall be the center and focus of the project.

The planned construction is as follows:

  1. Resort combo

  2. Living rentals

  3. Business park

  4. Crafts market

  5. Common and public areas

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The general idea and business plan is to construct various facilities at a premium location:

  • in the field of hospitality,

  • for the purpose of "inexpensive and affordable", letting/renting/leasing,

  • well planned, well spaced, well built and well managed,

  • for various businesses and trades which differ from each other but have a connection and or relation to each other.

We intend to create a modern organic design. A design that blends in with its natural surroundings.

The intention behind this design is to create a sustainable ecosystem where all elements support each other and develop as a result. Organic architecture seeks to equalize human life, nature, and the built environment.

The main characteristics we want to implement include the following:

  • Simplicity

  • Harmony with the surrounding landscape

  • Natural in color and design

  • Natural flow between building, landscape, and human habitation

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