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The client approached us for a contemporary design of their residence to be built in Ngaramtoni, Arusha. The instructions were simple "I want a contemporary house with a courtyard and a 5 car garage".

The plan is designed around the courtyard with the bedrooms facing the garage and the living areas at the center.

The whole building is set out on a grid which matches the maximum sized glass panels available in Tanzania. A full glass facade opens up towards the swimming pool and towards the courtyard. The master bedroom floats above a pond located in the courtyard to create more privacy and a beautiful landscaping feature. The swimming pool is located outside of the main building complex and has its own pool house with bathrooms, a pump room and a grill area.

The courtyard is protected by a 2.7m high wall creating a very personal and tranquille area for the family.

A covered rooftop viewing deck is accessed from the living room overlooking the courtyard on one side and the pool on the other.

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